Phoenix Martial arts & Fitness

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Class descriptions

Adults Fitness kickboxing (16+)

A 10 minute warm up followed by 8 X 1 minute rounds of pad work and exercises done in pairs completing 2 active laps each.

class duration 1 hour.

Adult fitness - Circuit training (16+)

A 10 minute warm up followed by 8 X 3 minute rounds of exercise with pad work done in pairs. 1 active lap each.

Once a month the Deck of cards come out, that is a surprise.

Adult Kickboxing (16+)

A mix of line work, pad work, sparring, paired activity and a bit of fun.

Kids (4-10)/junior (10-15) kickboxing 

The kids/juniors will train in a similar nature to the adults, learning from our own syllabus and grading system.

Family class (4+)

A good mix of exercise and stretching with all usual class activities.

All age limits are guides