Phoenix Martial arts & Fitness

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Our classes

Fitness classes:

We hold 2 types of fitness class (cardio & toning) and (circuits).

         Adult fitness kickboxing :

This class starts off with a light warm up before moving on to rounds of pad work mixed with exercises. This class is open to anyone of any ability, no previous martial arts experience needed. No uniform, no grading work just pad work and exercise.


This class is a circuit of 9 different exercises each week, you will have 1 minutes to do as many reps as possible maintaining form over repetition, you will have 20 seconds rest between each exercise. Some exercises you will use weights and other equipment which will always be demonstrated before use.

At the end of the month we have the Deck of cards, which is all Callisthenic based exercises. Its a good fun unpredictable workout.

We maintain a fun friendly atmosphere in all our classes, welcoming anyone who wishes to join in.

Adult and Kids kickboxing classes:

Our school studies Chinese kickboxing and what will be taught will vary from traditional line work to full contact sparring in both a sport and self-defence scenario. The school maintains a fun and friendly atmosphere making all feel welcome.  Training will build confidence and self awareness as well as improve fitness and concentration. No previous martial arts experience required, beginners are always welcomed.  

Family class:  

In this class parents/guardians can participate with their child throughout the lesson learning techniques they can practice at home together. No previous martial arts experience required, beginners are always welcomed, as always having fun and enjoying yourself is of great importance.